Welcome to join the Bolin Centre for Climate Research

If you are interested in climate related research and affiliated to, or work closely with, one of the Bolin Centre partners you are most welcome to join us! There is no fee for joining us.

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When you join the Bolin Centre you agree:

  • that the information you provide us with is stored. We will store your name, title, affiliation, legal gender, which RA ('s) you are joining and the link to your personal homepage,
  • to be listed as a member in our membership register. The membership register is handled by the Bolin Centre Directorate and may be shared with partners, research financiers and similar actors.
  • to be listed as a member on our website with your name, title, affiliation, which RA ('s) you have joined and the contact details you have provide us with. The website has open access and can be visited by anyone.
  • to receive current information from the Bolin Centre.
This information is stored in order to administrate the research network that constitutes the Bolin Centre.